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Why do single moms always say I'm a single mom?

For every single mom there is a single dad giving away his pay to child support. But you never hear I'm a single dad

OK not every but a lot

Why do single moms always say I'm a single mom?
I hear it from people who have custody of the children. If you are the parent at home with the kids saying you are a "single mom" implies that you have little time without the children, and, that you are their primary provider.

I have heard dads say it also, and it is also when they have the kids the majority of the time.
Reply:i agree with DUE ANY DAY. its a hard job and gettin abit of money off child support agency is like a drop in the ocean.. thats if ur lucky to get it at all. my ex won,t pay me a penny for his 4 children.. wont and does.t want to have anything to do with them unless i get back in2 a relationship with him... and that will never happen. so hats off to all single parenst they need all the praise in the world
Reply:not sure--guess I've never thought about it-- yea, you are a single mom - but, the dad is also single.

maybe they are trying to get picked up?

good question!
Reply:Why shouldn't she say she's a single mom. She is a mom, and she's single. I actually know a few single dads who are raising their children by themselves. I also know some single dads who have shared custody and who pay child support and they consider themselves single dads. There are lots of single moms who don't get any child support from their ex's. I also know of a couple of kids who have deadbeat mom's. It goes both ways.
Reply:If a father is the primary care giver to the child, then I've heard them frequently call themselves single dads or fathers. I think claiming to be a single parent is done by the primary care giver. Yes, a father who is also single might provide money ... and that is a great and needed thing. But it is much more day to day investment and work to provide actual care to the child.
Reply:What the ? Because being a single mom is a hard ******* job, dumbass. Boo Hoo, some dad "giving away" his pay to "support" a child. Cry me a ******* river.Just because you pay a snippet of your salary for child rearing hardly means you are " supporting" your child. I can guarantee you that what I get in child support ( when I get it, if at all) is not nearly what it takes each month to pay for even a third of expenses of caring for my child. "Giving away his pay" ? That's the very least a non custodial parent should do. Try being a single parent for awhile and doing everything from being mom and dad, working full time, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, getting a child to school and home each day, taking care of them when they are sick and not being able to buy groceries because you had to miss 2 days of work because of that sick child,etc.What a stupid question!!!
Reply:I hear single dads say it as much as women but i guess that is just me.Although i havnt actually met many single dads it always seems to be women
Reply:the problem maybe the dad have never give birth.
Reply:Dont know about going around just blurting out that " oh, hi I'm a single mom" and no not alot of dads or moms give child support because my children had two different fathers and neither one paid child support even though the judges only was having them pay one was suppose to pay ten dollars a week the other fourty dollars a week...It took ten years to get the 10 dollar a week to pay up thanks to a different judge and the other never paid a penny. I have a male cousin that has custody of four children and his ex-wife never paid a penny either. so being a single parent raising a child by them selves even with child support coming in still there is more to it . the single parent has to raise that child and cover being the mom and dad every single day of the child's life. the missing parent has weekends or what ever was agreed upon in court. the missing parents might love their children enough to be involved in afterschool activities, and some of the child's social life. but that parent isn't around twenty-four seven. good luck on making your point across. their are alot of guys and gals out their that are defently not going to agree with this.
Reply:coz they r single.
Reply:It identifies them. I never refer to myself as a married mom, but that is a different issue. My issue with your question is that of "giving away" your pay. WHAT? You are financially contributing to the financial support of your own child. I would suggest you take measures to prevent any more children until you are responsible enough to understand what goes into raising a child.

I have heard men refer to themselves as single dads. Problem is that usually the dad takes off and leaves the child with the mom. Mothers think of themselves as mothers 24/7. Unfortunately not enough men think of themselves as dads in the same way. Too many men think of themselves as men with kids not as dads. Maybe that is why there are so many dysfunctional kids out there today.........
Reply:I guess I am a single mom then because my son's single dad doesn't give him a single dime!!!!! No diapers, clothes, shoes, food, nothing. But complains about how much his new truck costs or how his nice new home costs so much. He makes more than twice as much as me and doesn't even pay for a doctor's visit. But still has visitation rights. Sorry, had to vent.

To answer your question, probably because the mom usually has primary guardianship. I am a single mother and my man is a single father. He has custody of his.

Any Single Christian Fellowship Groups in Montgomery County, MD?

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any independant Christian single's groups in the Montgomery Country (Rockville, Potomac, etc) area...I am a single Mom, 44, Jewish Believer, would love to meet other single Christians/Believers for fellowship, friendship, etc. Thanks for letting me know.

Any Single Christian Fellowship Groups in Montgomery County, MD?
I am not from your area. We are trying to start one here in Roanoke, Virginia, through our church (Journey Church). Hope you can get one started in your area. I am finding that there are plenty of people here that are excited about this ministry opportunity. There is just no place to meet other singles that are Christian, and really, noone wants to do the bar scene. Let's pray for each other!! For the first time in the history of America, there are more single adults than married adults. It is time!!! God bless!!!!!

Dating single dad, too soon for his kids??Please help?

I've been friends with single dad since Feb of this year. We've been dating since April. I've met his kids 5 %26amp; 12, once; last week we went to the movies and dessert with the kids. I really like him, but know that I need to consider what's in the kids best interest along with what we want.

I was supposed to be getting married on June 30th, the engagement was called off I've been single for 2007...but single dad wanted to do something fun with me on this date, which I think is cool.

That's a kids weekend and his parents have asked to have the kids. But he will need to transport the kids to his parent's city (5 hours away) on June 29th.

He's asked that I go with them, so we can drop them off and go on our own afterwards which I'm fine with, but now he wants us to stay the night at his parents house with the kids...I've met his parents and they actually want us to stay the whole weekend, but we would just stay 1 nite

I'm just worried about it being too soon for the kids...what should I do?

Dating single dad, too soon for his kids??Please help?
Stina, I think that you are right. If your new guy friend has been recently divorced, it seems too soon to introduce a new woman into the picture. You should speak to him about your concerns. After all, you have only been dating a short while. You said that you liked him, and that is great, however, what if things just don't work out and the kid's form an attachment to you? I am by no means saying you might not develop a great relationship with this man, but it is a bit fast. You have not been single for very long either. Why is he in such a hurry to have you stay over at his parents? I am sure you are a nice person, otherwise you would not be concerned about the children first. Make sure he is not looking for something more from you, like an instant new wife and mom. I would pass on the weekend invite or see if he can meet you at a half way point the next day. If you are uncomfortable,tell him how you feel, and if he is a good guy, he should understand your reasoning. I think that going out with the kid's to a movie and dessert was fine, but he really is moving a bit fast. He is probably a little over anxious because he cares about you a lot.
Reply:play games with them, and get to know them.

if they like doing stuff with you, then its not too soon.

take them places etc.

show them that u are their friend and it wont be too soon.
Reply:do you love him?

if u love him i think u have to accept his two kids.

u can try to be friend with his two kids.

kids are cute if u can control them.

about this weekend.

u can try to stay for whole weekend. it will not bored i think. for his kids of course. if they feel comfy with u. they will love u as their mom.
Reply:I was the kid in this situation LONG ago... I loved my step mom to pieces, and could not have cared LESS! the one I'd be worried about is the 12 year old. Make your decision based on vibes from that kid. And may I say, what a lovely person you are to be considering the kids first and foremost... Also, be sure that YOU will be comfortable. Don't use the kids as an excuse if you are less than perfectly cozy with this idea. There's no rush. He probably really likes you and want to gage how you jive with the kids over a weekend, see if he can see you all together as a family. I gotta say, HAVE FUN if you go. Play with the kids, take them shopping, bake cookies, do art projects, get messy! Above all be confident, you're lovely, I 'm sure. Good luck whatever you decide.
Reply:Go with you gut feeling

If you don't feel comfortable then don't, I really believe its too really for his kids to have met you you and him barely know each other
Reply:That is actually very respectful of you to think of them. Maybe the night at the parents you two could sleep apart if you are worried about it. Or, maybe you can talk to the father and see if he would talk to them about it (in a very PG way of course) I think those are your only two options. Hope you have a good time though!

At least his family seems to like you, that is good news ;)
Reply:I think you should go and make the best of it . they obviously like you enough to invite you and that is a good thing if you dont go they might think you dont like them and that would hurt them ,so just go and have a good time . good luck to you .
Reply:You are right to consider the kids. Just talk to the dad and tell him your concerns. If for ANY reason you think this may not work out, it will really hurt the kids if they get attached to you and then you guys break up. Keeping things low key with them is definately the way to go if your unsure at all. Could a hotel also be an option? I understand you don't want to offend his parents either, but they are adults and if you tell them your concerns about the kids they will probably be very understanding.

Good Luck

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2 single layer DVDs vs 1 dual layer DVD?


here is my question

Is there a size difference between 2 single layer DVD+R, and 1 Dual Layer DVDR? I was burning recorded TV Shows, and they would not fit on a dual layer dvd (it was just about 350 megabytes more), but they did fit onto 2 single layer DVDs, with about 200 megabytes to spare.

I have always though that a dual layer dvd was comparable to 2 single layer dvd.

Can anyone explain the difference in disc capacity?

it might be worth mentioning that I used Nero 7 to do the burn. Not the Nero express

2 single layer DVDs vs 1 dual layer DVD?
single layer 4.7 GB dual is 8.5 GB so there is a 900 MB difference between two singles and a dual
Reply:There is no size difference -- they are both 12 cm. The capacity is different ...

DVD-5 (12 cm, SS/SL) = 4.70 BB

DVD-9 (12 cm, SS/DL) = 8.54 BB

DVD-14 (12 cm, DS/ML) = 13.24 BB

DVD-R 1.0 (12 cm, SS/SL) = 3.95 BB

DVD-R 2.0 (12 cm, SS/SL) = 4.70 BB

DVD-R 2.0 (12 cm, DS/SL) = 9.40 BB

See the FAQ for the facts ...
Reply:did you select dual layer burning!

Do single women find married men more attractive than single men?

I am a single woman that's not yet 30 and not the kind of woman that would break men's marriage but just wondering if single women actually find married men more acttractive, especially if they have not much dating experience.

Do single women find married men more attractive than single men?
yeah, its a jealousy thing - wanting something that someone else has got
Reply:Yes they do, which is why I always wear a wedding band when I go to a bar.
Reply:Yes, but it's really unattractive if you find out that they don't know the meaning of a monogamous marriage. It's weird it's like their sexy, but you know you can't have them, and if you can then they are no longer sexy (to me anyway)


more thoughts... actually to me it's not a sexy like omg I need to have that man, it's like wow I wish I had a man like that (but one of my own that is not married to anyone else), am I making any sense?
Reply:women say the good ones are already taken. so that is why they are on the market for single women(another form of stealing) but then again a man not yet married at that age is either golden age pimpin or damaged goods lady but then again they probably can't find none because they are out chasing the married man. to sum it up we all love adventure.
Reply:only if they have a big bank balance,

and thingy..!!!

Reply:Yes honey! Try it - more reliable - more dependable strange as that may seem - and the sex is great to!
Reply:i think fantasy wise most women wud love to go and have an affair with a married man, but me personally i wudn't actually do it, cos i wudn't wanna be in the guys wifes position. it's jus the risk and excitment at the thought of it. but reality, no
Reply:"the good ones are already taken"?

There are plenty of bad ones taken too!!

Married men are not any more attractive than single men.

Married men have just learned how to keep a woman. Most single (and divorced) men have yet to figure it out, which is why they're still single.
Reply:I do, the guys I find attractive always have a wife/girlfriend!
Reply:Strange but true. My friend and I had been going to the same tavern for several years. Not particularly to meet women but we're always open for it. After he got married and had that gold band he was suddenly approached constantly. And these women we knockouts! I considered buying myself a ring just to get in on the action! ( My dog is a pretty good babe magnet though) So yes to your question and I have no idea why...
Reply:Yes some do and I think it's because married men appear to be more stable, committed and serious (for obvious reasons!)

Women who want to get married are after a particular 'type' of man who is mature enough to say 'I do' once and for all and is able (financially, intelectually, emotionally, spiritually) to enter into a serious life-long relationship of equal give and take. Whether a marriage is actually like that or not is another thing all together but 'marriage' suggests these things and I think that's the main reason that to some single women married men can appear quite attractive.
Reply:With me the opposite is true, I am really put off by married men, I find people who purposely wreck the relationships of others weak and pathetic! A married man making any sort of move on me, makes me cringe, sleazebag is the word that comes to mind...
Reply:I dont........but there is a lot out there with no self respect and will do any married man!
Reply:i don't think so, they are no different
Reply:Yes. It is an odd one though.
Reply:Yes. I'm single, thirty years old, and find married men much more attractive than (most) single men. To me a ring on a finger symbolises that they've evolved, and are mature enough to commit to a woman, and to therefore take the good with the bad. To me there's nothing more attractive than a man who is prepared to face reality head on, and recognise fantasy for what it is. Right or wrong, a wedding ring on a man's finger symbolises that to me. But I would NEVER have an affair with a married man.
Reply:I sure don't. Married men are off limits.
Reply:Not at all.Im 28 now but i must admit when i was a lot younger,eg 17 i thought married men were more attractive but obviously never lived out that fantasy !
Reply:some times not really , they can be sexy but , when you get to know them they are PIGS ,(Some Times)
Reply:It's just the challenge and the forbidden fruit thing.

Thats nasty.

I always figure married men will be worse in bed, because they don't get to practice so much anymore!
Reply:All the good men have been snaffled up, and just the dross is left, that's why they are single
Reply:God I hope so!
Reply:yes i think so, as theyre more experienced and unavailable makes them more interesting
Reply:In my experience when I'm attached Loads of girls give me their attention (the hypothetical wait for a bus and 3 come along syndrome)

This is mainly to do when I'm single I'm not as I'mmaculate and in tune with females as is necessary to attract their attention.

So what im trying to say is the reason why most ladies may covert a married man is that he seems more well kept and behaved and a much better catch as he is already proven to be marriage material
Reply:no, i am close to ur age, but married men attract me only till the time i dont know they are married. in my dictionary, they are a definite no-no

Why do single women not want single men? but single men want single women?

I tried an experiment once: I posted an ad of an average-looking girl. The ad said that she was looking for a man to come over a few times a week and massage her back, and that’s all (no reciprocation). Lo and behold!—Hundreds (that’s no exaggeration), yes, hundreds of men responded to the ad, wanting to come over and give the woman in the ad a massage, and they would get nothing in return. Giving her [platonic] pleasure would be their pleasure.

In the next part of the experiment, I posted an ad of an average-looking guy who was looking for a massage partner. That is, the two would get together and trade massages. Guess what? No one—not a single girl—responded to the ad.

What baffles me is why, whenever a girl wants a guy to do something for her (even without reciprocation), she gets hundreds and hundreds of men to chose from. But when a guy wants a girl to do something for him (even with reciprocation), no one wants him.

Why do single women not want single men? but single men want single women?
Because guys think that if they do somthing for any reason, that maybe one day things will change and there may be somthing for them later, i.e. relationship, sex etc. Now the girls think that the guy is only want ing to get them there for sex and hook up, regardless if he is offering somthing in return or not. It's pretty much true, but the women dont want to put themselves into the situation. SUCKS!!!! Cuz we all want it anyways so why cant we all just get along and DO IT!!
Reply:cos men are hunters and women are the hunted. it would be interestig to find out where women are in the world who are less timid than British ones though as i find them a bit scared from trying anything.
Reply:I think it is because when a woman is looking for something like a massage it seems more innocent than a man asking for a massage. Girls are going to be a little more weary about a guy wanting to find a "massage partner"...Sounds a little iffy to me. Maybe if you changed the wording around you would be more successful.
Reply:those men were married with families and all.when a man does that he is looking for more than just that massage.and vice versa,with the female experiment i am pretty sure those men were looking for more than just giving that lady the massage! Personally myself, i would prefer to have a man that is single so that means that my time is not divided.Plus i am not a homewrecker!

Can single parent students claim housing benefit?

Full time student who is a single parent can they claim housing benefit? As there seems to be some confusion with the regulations which state "that in July and August single parent students can claim benefits". However, does this rule for housing benefit apply when the student is a single parent of a child still in fulltime education and under the age of 18?

Can single parent students claim housing benefit?
housing benefit and council tax benefit should still be covered. Income support and unemployment benefit will no longer be paid.

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