Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Single mom vs Single dad?

The other day, I was out with a friend. We saw a teenage girl walking with her baby and my friend started making negative comments about this girl. The same day, we we were at the park with our kids and there was a teenage boy that had custody of his baby girl. My friend treated him like he deserved a medal. I did think it was honorable of him but it got me thinking. Why does society have different opinions about single moms than they do single dads? Whats your opinion?

Single mom vs Single dad?
she treated the boy diffrent because teenage dads are more likly to do a runner and not get involved, so one who stays and does the right thing, the man thing and help out is a rare site.

but your right, their both equal
Reply:i think that we applaud men(young or old) when we see them taking care of their children especially as single parents because in the society that we live in there are a lot of father absent homes, so seeing a man taking care of his child is like seeing a full moon(you see it once in a while).I am 19 years old and i have a 4month old baby even though i am not a single parent i am still a teen mom and i don't think us a mother's should have any negative comments to say towards other mother's knowing the hard job that we have as mother's we should take our hats off to each other young or old the age or someone doesn't make them a good or bad parent and people need to realize that.....
Reply:Well society in general sees a young single mom as being a drain on society, using child action, welfare, etc... She "wasted" her life by getting pregnant so young.

As a young father you are seen as doing to right or adult thing by being around to be a father. You are helping to mold your child rather than just letting society do it.
Reply:I think it's terrible when people make comments about women that they think are teenage, single moms....I am 29 years old but look young enough to pass for a teenage mom - and I constantly get mean and rude comments made to me about how it's "such a shame...a baby having a baby" - when people don't know my age, and the fact that I'm married! When I hear the comments, I always think to myself...what if I WAS a teenage mom...way to make someone feel bad about themselves...I've also made comments back to people that have said stuff to me OH...thank you...think of how great I'll look when I'm your age??

People are rude about it hurts people's feelings. I know that after awhile it gets to me if people keep making comments to me. Usually happens whenever I go in to a mall or resturant. I'm not even a teen mom either.

I think that stereotype re: dad vs mom comes about because people often think of it as the mom HAS to stick around vs. the dad doesn't? So it's admirable if he does?

I just think that people should THINK before they say things....honestly, that goes for your friend too...
Reply:Either one could drain the society i don't think kids should be having kids anyway. My bro is raising his oldest daughter without her mom around. Fathers and mothers can be bad.
Reply:well i have a four month old daughter and im 19 my girls 18 we're young so when people see her they dont think of it as much because she's still living with her mom and dad and they make big BANK so when they see me with my daughter they kno im making it on my own and am doing alot for them so they congragulate and compliment me all the time.

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