Monday, November 16, 2009

Why do so many single people COMPLAIN about being single?

And yes, I know many single people are happy to be single... I'm not talking about you lot. No, I'm referring to those people that are always moaning about being single: "It's sooooo hard to meet people these days..." And the stupid thing is, they don't have to be single.

But you know why these people are single, and will probably end up lonely and loveless? It's because they expect perfection in a mate/spouse/partner. Maybe that's due to the culture we live in, with its obsession with superficial beauty, wealth, and fame.

Folks, I hate to break it to you, but unless YOU are incredibly gorgeous (and you're not) , a millionaire (and you're not!), and world-famous (AND YOU'RE NOT!), you have no right to expect those things in a partner. Find someone who's real, with good qualities and imperfections... just like you. These reality shows and E! and MTV shows are so damaging, because stupid, impressionable young people think they MUST measure up. And being real people, they can't...

Why do so many single people COMPLAIN about being single?
i think it's rather sad how many people are co-dependent and HAVE to be in a relationship to be happy.

my theory is you have to be happy alone before you can be happy in a relationship..

i also hate how many people, like you said, are looking for perfection in a relationship. seriously!! it's pathetic. sorry, but the world is not all made up for DD boobs, size 0 wastes, perfect jaw structure, lots of money, limos, fancy dining and flower.. GET THE CRAP OVER IT!! find someone who you can watch a movie and eat a pizza with in your damn p.j's and 20 year old metallica shirt..

second, why waste your time with someone who you know is "not right for you..and blah blah blah" simply b/c you dont' want to be alone. that sounds like a bigger waste of time than being alone on a friday night. are you seriously that pathetic?? cuz that's gross. i mean, hello... we are individual human beings for a reason..its b/c we can survive on our own. contrary to serial daters belief it's okay to be alone every now and then..heck, it's actually quite theraputic sometimes.

sure we all want someone to hang out with, do stuff with and whatnot..but it doesn't have to be ALL the time.
Reply:Some of my friends have started getting into the dating scene and I'm a little jealous, though I refuse to make it public. Face it, people are jealous. They're probably hoping their non-single friends will hook them up with people.
Reply:Because they have all of these married *** friends who portray the lifestyle that they are so happy which they probably are. Sometimes people just get lonely. Maybe they should get a pet.
Reply:Because they have not yet realized how lucky they are.
Reply:you always need a special someone..but also it is hard to maintain a has always been hard..but being lonely is the hardest
Reply:They are low self esteem loosers that seriously need to get a life. People need to learn how to love themselves before they can be happy with anyone else.
Reply:you sound really bitter
Reply:because "non-single" people aren't SINGLE, therefore they dont complain about being single!

make sense? :D
Reply:I think it has a lot to do with peer pressure. Our society is geared toward couplehood. People asking you all the time: "When are you going to get married, isn't it time to start thinking about kids yet", that sort of thing. I think it takes a strong personality to say "I'm single and I'm loving it".
Reply:I believe that its hard to find someone because everyone is mostly out for one thing. Not all people are and this hurts it for the ones that are looking for an actual relationship. Believe me I know.
Reply:I totally agree with you. Not enough people these days know how rewarding singlehood is. MTV is just one of the media outlets teaching them to pursue a mate at all costs. Sad, sad, sad.

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